Aeropress & AeroPress Go Replacement Silicone Seal


Replacement Silicone Seal for the AeroPress or Aeropress Go.

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After making hundreds or even thousands of cups of exquisite coffee, the Silicone Plunger can become a little compressed or worn, allowing some air leakage around the edges.

Be environmentally responsible by rehabilitating your AeroPress instead of throwing it away and starting over! Just pry off the tip with a little “elbow grease” and put on the new one. It’s quick, easy, and amazingly effective.

*The new seal material that we introduced last September 2018 is silicone. Silicone is the most common soft material found in the kitchen (think spatula). Silicones are primarily made of the elements silicon, oxygen, and carbon. Silicone is not at all chemically like natural rubber or synthetic rubber.

It is possible for the seal area to smell like stale coffee. We recommend AeroPress users remove the seal from the end of the plunger once a month or so to thoroughly clean all sides of the seal.

The silicone seals are somewhat softer than our previous seals. We think they work better that way and will also be more durable.


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