About Dartmoor Coffee

We are family-based coffee roasters located within the Dartmoor National Park. There is one thing that we all have in common and that is to drink the best quality coffee possible. This starts from where the coffee bean is grown, how the farms processes the bean, to how the bean is roasted within our roastery.

Once the bean has been roasted, if required, we grind the beans in one of our grinders to help achieve the best possible coffee extraction during brewing. We test each of the coffees in our own in-house brewing equipment with the philosophy that we need to be excited by the coffee first!! We stock and sell various types of brewing equipment.

The beans are sent in one-way degassing bags to help maintain maximum freshness.

We were established in 2020 and are keen to hear from our customers, so please get in touch by emailing us at coffee@dartmoor-coffee.co.uk, tell us what you think, and together we can provide the best quality coffee possible.

We love our coffee and our desire is that you feel the same way.