Single Origin Coffee Beans

We are busily setting up the website shop, but while this happens below is a list of the different beans in stock.

From Guatemala we have 2 coffees available ‘Los Chorros‘ and ‘El Durazno‘.

From Ethiopia we have the variety called ‘Organic Wushwush‘. In stock there are 2 other types of Ethiopian coffee from older harvests being offered at reduced prices, they are ‘Kelloo Lot 2 (Guji)‘ and ‘Samii Lot1 (Werka)‘.

Our last 2 coffee offerings one comes from Brazil and is called ‘Fazenda Furnas‘ and lastly from El Salvador ‘El Diamante‘.

If you require any additional information, including prices, about any of the coffees either click on the coffee name links to download a pdf or alternatively it would be great to hear from you so please send an email to or message us via the Contact Us page.