Peru ‘Finca El Mirador’


From Peru we have this great coffee from the farm Finca El Mirador.

Tasting Notes: Summer fruits, milk chocolate and vanilla custard

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Finca El Mirador

Typica, Caturra, Bourbon & Catimor

1450 – 1500 masl

Processed Method

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Tasting Notes:

Summer fruits, milk chocolate and vanilla custard

Wosasa is the name of a sub kebele in the Raro Nensebo kebele, a sub kebele is basically a village within a bigger municipality. The lot take the name of the village where the twenty five farmers that contributed to this lot live with their families, all of them are growing Gibirrina/Serto variety (74110 & 74112) those are local selected variety with high disease resistant qualities.

Farmers are growing their coffees under the shade of indigenous trees mainly rich loam soil, on average every producer own 3.5 ha of land around the Wosasa sub bekele. All of these farmers are trained in agronomy and post-harvest practices by the “King of Guji”, Ture Waji, whom is also running the drying stations.

Whats unique about how these drying stations are managed, including Wosasa, is how the drying beds had been handled, each day lot is tracked with a tag and kept separate from the other. Each tag is listing the specific delivery and the start date of drying and relative Moisture Content Readings for each day, in order to guarantee a slow even drying process to insure quality and longevity of the coffee.

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Whole Beans, Cafetière, Chemex, Filter, Moka Pot, AeroPress, Espresso


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